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More conversions, less fraud will become the norm


Fast and secure checkout


The Request to Pay is initiated by the customer


The customer receives it in their mobile banking app


Payment is confirmed and you’re notified. Simple


The smarter way for customers to pay

Everyone who’s anyone uses a smartphone now. Using your phone to pay for stuff already feels like second nature. So why not let your customers pay in a way that feels natural? Plus, speedier checkouts mean more sales.

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Greater protection by design

Fraud losses associated with remote purchases and other e-commerce solutions are still rising, but Pay by Bank app uses a ‘Request to Pay’ technology that makes sure the vast majority of today’s online fraud simply cannot occur.

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One payment platform,
pays all

There are more retail payment options available than ever. But Pay by Bank app is a payment platform open to all: banks, retailers and customers with a UK bank account – across digital channels. And easy payment gateway integration means you can add the Pay by Bank app button anywhere on your website or mobile app.

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