Pay using your phone, straight from your banking app, in an instant


Make mobile payments securely - in an instant


Select Pay by Bank app when you're ready to pay


Sign in to mobile banking when prompted and confirm payment details from within your banking app


Payment successful and you’re done


Simple, speedy and secure mobile payments

Living life with your phone is second nature. Using Pay by Bank app to pay for everyday things soon will be too. Choosing Pay by Bank app at the checkout means you pay direct from your banking app in real time.

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What’s personal to you stays that way

Because you pay direct from your trusted bank, there’s even less chance of them falling into the wrong hands. Making Pay by Bank app the safest way to pay, which is good news all round.

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Know exactly how much you’re spending

Paying from your banking app means seeing your balance before and after you pay, all in real time

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Pingit is the first to launch
Pay by Bank app

Pingit users get to be the first to enjoy the simplicity and security of Pay by Bank app. Download Pingit to Pay by Bank app now. It’s available to anyone with a UK bank account. If you already have Pingit, there’s nothing you need to do. You can start using Pay by Bank app straight away. Keep an eye out for more banking apps coming soon.

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